BIM test

Digital twin is a good solution for stakeholders who deliver construction projects based on BIM-test technology. Digital twin is a high density set of data in 3D model, which allows for simulation of future project outcomes. By using digital twin approach during design works, various what-if scenarios and analysis can be performed. Many project outcomes can be analyzed starting form overall business strategy ending with project organizational structure

Thiking about Investors

BIM technology and BIM-test allow for effective planning of project delivery. In most cases design works are managed by project Sponsors, as the are party eligible for taking decisions if particular project follows latest digital trends and BIM-test. All benefits of BIM methodology implementation should be considered as this technology significantly affects project cost optimization.

BIM test

3D quantity takoffs

Building 3D model is used during quantity takeoff process, information about volume or area are based on 3D elements geometry. Properly collected data based on BIM technology and BIM-test allow for effective preparation of quantity takeoffs and implementation of schedule changes if needed. Quantity survey with automatic schedule allow for fast checking of calculations once schedule is updated.

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